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jodie snyder, smykkedesigner, har en helt fantastisk inspirerende nettside! det er helt fantastisk fordi det ligger s mye detaljer bak hennes kreasjoner! legger ved noen bilder + at du m ta en titt p nettsiden!

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>I bought the blue vintage Yves Saint Laurent clutch at the Manhattan vintage show in NY. I always find amazing pieces there and look forward to it every year. It is one of my favorite clutches and blue is my favorite color.
I love wearing the Prada bag with printed dresses and tops. I loved this when I first saw it when we were doing a PA at Holt Renfrew in Toronto. I was still thinking about it when we got back to NY, so I ordered it from Neiman Marcus.
</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>L to R. Clutches, Prada, Vintage Yves Saint Laurent

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>I have too much jewelry and not enough space, so I keep a lot of it out and decorate my apartment with it. It is great to have it out so I can always add some jewelry on my way out the door. I love stacking on the DANNIJO Zula trade bead necklaces.
I took these pictures when I studied in Italy in college.
</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Necklaces, DANNIJO</span>#inline_02

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>I love vintage furniture probably too much. I buy furniture like I buy accessories. It is always an emotional purchase and I worry about where it will go after the fact. I purchased this old filing cabinet on one of my favorite websites One Kings Lane.
I love color in my accessories.
The DANNIJO Cleo necklace (necklace on the left) is one of my favorite pieces. The DANNIJO Hixson neon collar is from our SS12 collection. It has a very surf culture feel to it and makes me miss summer (my favorite season). I love wearing it under a buttoned up collared shirt or over a vintage tee.
</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Necklaces, DANNIJO</span>#inline_03

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>I wish I wore these Givenchy boots a lot more. I wore them to the Vena Cava runway show last season and could not feel my feet after an hour of wearing them.
All of the jewelry is DANNIJO of course. The oxidized brass ones are from our fall collection and the oxidized silver ones are some of our classics. I always wear one big cuff, or stack a few of the smaller ones for an arm party!
The oxidized brass bow cuff is from our MR.DANNIJO collection-collaboration with Manrepeller. We had so much fun designing this collection and are working on our new collection that will be released in Feb. Stay tuned!
</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Sunglasses, Warby Parker; Belt, Ralph Lauren; Jewelry, DANNIJO;Boots, Givenchy </span>#inline_04

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>These are some of my all time favorite DANNIJO pieces - ?game changers?. The silver mixed chain one on the right goes with everything and great cuffs can be worn with a tee and jeans or an evening gown.
Danielle and I started DANNIJO 4 years ago. We started making jewelry as kids on our father?s medical tools. It is amazing to work with my sister! We have different styles (I tend to be a bit more classic and Danielle more bohemian) and our collection is a mixture of us, which makes DANNIJO our baby, right?
</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Cuffs, DANNIJO; Sunglasses, Warby Parker </span>#inline_05

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>I am a denim girl and love denim on everything-especially shoes! These are my favorite summer shoes. Yes, we are having a Prada moment here! Prada and Miu Miu shoes are my favorite because not only do they look amazing but they are comfortable for the most part.
Miuccia Prada is a genius! I always want to wear what she designs. Did you know she studied to be a mime before becoming a designer? (a bit of random trivia) Danielle and I have a similar design philosophy as Miuccia - we design what we want to wear and always try to use new materials each season.
</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>All, Prada</span>#inline_06

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>This dress was a gift from my friends Jen and Hunter who have the clothing label Hunter Dixon. I love the print and feel very Mad Men when I wear this dress.
The necklace is the DANNIJO Kalbarri bib. This silhouette is our signature, and we do a limited edition every season.
For resort we did color blocked bibs that are fun and instantly add color to any look.
</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Dress,
Hunter Dixon; Jewelry, DANNNIJO

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>I love Coming to America. What a great movie! These earrings do remind me of the women in the opening scene with all of their amazing jewels.
I love the combination of colors and that you can wear them with pretty much anything. That is what is so great about jewelry - you really can dress it up or down.
This bag is of course vintage. I found it in a vintage store in Paris. I almost love velvet as much as denim and it reminds me of a small bowling bag. These earrings have a Greta Garbo, Great Gatsby vibe. The Great Gatsby is my favorite book and always inspires me. I love the way they dressed. I want to attend their parties!
</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Bag, Vintage; Jewelry, DANNIJO</span>#inline_09

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>Every girl needs pearls. I am just not into traditional pearls. I bought the pearl necklace on the bodice at a vintage store in Paris. It is major! All of the other pieces are DANNIJO. The gunmetal and pearl necklace is old skewl DANNIJO from our first season. And that vintage fur/pearl collar- I love it and had big plans for it! I was going to sew it on a jacket when I bought it but never got around to it.
</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Collar and Pearl Necklace On Lamp, Vintage; All Other Jewelry, DANNIJO</span>#inline_11

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>This gown is Rachel Gilbert. I bought it on Net-a-porter and wore it a few weeks ago when we were nominated as break out designer of the year at the WGSN awards. We were sitting at the Swarovski table so I felt it was appropriate to show up in some sparkle! I still managed to bling myself out in DANNIJO.
</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Dress, Rachel Gilbert</span>#inline_13

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>Perfect recipe for a proper DANNIJO arm party- color, metal, cuffs, bangles.
The necklace is from our SS12 collection - tons of color and touches of neon. I love its asymmetry and its polished surfer girl vibe.
This photo of Ernest Hemingway is one of my favorites.
</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Jewelry, DANNIJO</span>#inline_16

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>This dress is Topshop. It is fun and a bit girly. I do feel like a kid in it though! The DANNIJO Zander necklace is great layered. Leandra ?Manrepeller? always wears this piece. I don?t find it repelling, do you?
I bought this oil painting at Brimfield.
The frame is what really seals the deal!
</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Dress, Topshop; Necklace, DANNIJO

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>I was looking for a unique bag last year and called Francine at Designer Social in New Orleans. She gets her hands on some rare pieces and found this Aladdin dream for me. Thank you Francine. Aladdin travels everywhere with me! My magic carpet.
</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Bag, Chanel

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>I even decorated my lamp with DANNIJO. Tres chic!
</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Bracelet, DANNIJO

, masse fint!

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